Take payments at remote events
with a POS thats quick, simple to
use, and increase sales.


streamline their
event operations
and spend less
time manually
connecting the
dots and more
time connecting
with guests and
growing their

Omnipayusa solutions are designed for a fast-
paced, limited-space business that is always on
the go.

It can keep up with the pace of your events and
help you handle long lines quickly.
You can make better use of counter space by utilizing wireless mobile payment terminals that can be hidden away when they are not in use.
You may cut down on the amount of time spent educating workers by utilizing an iOS system that is straightforward and simple to understand and operate.
Quick register buttons that let you close out sales more quickly can move long lines of customers more quickly.
Optimize your menu and money-making promotions with the help of detailed sales reports.
Businesses can accept payments with mobile card reader, online payments through a virtual terminal, get access to reports, manage employees, send one-time and recurring invoices, handle chargebacks, and get access to more tools for running a business.


Connects to your back office for in-person sales, syncing inventory, payments, and customer info. The mobile POS app makes it easy to speed through checkout and help customers anywhere.

Shopify POS

Customers can place their ideal order with just a few clicks and pick it up right away or schedule it for a better time. With Applova’s auto-fill features, customers who place orders again save even more time.

Paradise POS


Customers can use a mobile app to look at your restaurant’s menu or the menus of other restaurants if a third-party platform is used. Customers choose a restaurant they like and decide what they want to eat. Customers confirm what they want to buy. The users then have to choose how they want to pay for their orders. They can either pay online or choose to pay cash on delivery (COD). Through the admin panel, these orders are sent to the restaurant. The restaurant fills the orders by making the food and putting it in packages. The restaurant tells the delivery service or its own delivery staff about the orders through the driver’s app. The delivery staff takes the orders to the customers who placed them.
Analyze and Boost SalesThe analysis provides exact data regarding your visitors per month or week, locations, abandoned carts, understanding what items of the menu are selling more. It even makes the business promotion process easy and engages more customer attention towards you.Efficient customer management Streamline the whole ordering process, from placing an order online to getting the order delivered.Promoting your brandThe online ordering system builds a marketing platform and allows you to create some customer loyalty programs like sending marketing/promotional emails or SMS that helps to retain your customers with you.Enhance business operationsThe online ordering system for restaurants is set up in a way that makes the ordering process easier and more efficient for both customers and restaurants. It makes sure that the data entered by hand are as accurate and safe as possible during the order placement process. By putting all the requirements in one place, it makes it easy to run a business.
Advertisements: Restaurants pay third-party sites to show their ads. Listing Fee: Restaurants have to pay money to get on the list. Commission: Every time an order is made, third-party platforms take a cut. Delivery Fee: Some online ordering platforms also charge a delivery fee for every order they deliver.


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