Multivariate regression make of unwell leave determinants

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Multivariate regression make of unwell leave determinants

Table step 3

Correlations between care about-ranked fitness, self-rated sick leave course, emotional and you will group details during the a sample from 390 productive-responsibility Slovenian Armed forces troops

The factors one to coordinated rather which have ill get off course in the bivariate analysis was basically within the multivariate ordinal regression design ( Table 3 ). Years and coping actions don’t show to be extreme predictors out-of ill get-off years, whereas women sex, poorer mind-ranked fitness, lower satisfaction having matchmaking with coworkers, and lower training performed. This design said 24% away from sick hop out variance.


This research recognized several facts that predict ill exit cycle one of members of this new professional Slovenian Military: women sex, poorer notice-ranked wellness, down pleasure which have dating having coworkers, minimizing knowledge. Ordinal regression acting informed me 24% away from sick log off variance. Bivariate analysis learned that sick leave duration coordinated which have mind-ranked wellness, years and you can education, one or two dealing methods (conflict and you will eliminate/avoidance), and you can fulfillment which have dating which have coworkers.

A traditionally highest thinking-rated health included in our very own respondents is expected, simply because they was in fact younger people, most of the functioning, and usually with the same studies, specifically given that a healthy body was a necessity for elite group troops. Young people have been far more “resilient” to fret than old of these and you will transient ailments and you may medical conditions failed to apply to fitness worry about-investigations. However, a number of the people reviewed their health while the bad or crappy, were using maladaptive techniques to manage stress, otherwise complained about terrible social matchmaking, generally where you work. Brand new Slovenian Army should not neglect these conclusions and may update its a position criteria to include particular psychological steps, eg Folkman Lazarus Way of Coping Questionnaire.

The result away from sex towards the self-testing try insignificant – there have been no significant sex variations in thinking-examination out-of interpersonal relationship or overall fulfillment which have lifetime, nevertheless try of women try quick. However, feminine spent far more big date with the sick log off than guys.

Inside our investigation, those who had top self-rated their health plus had better thinking-rated latest complete well being and you can financial predicament. Even if armed forces organizations was novel of the its structure and you can ladder, the conclusions is comparable which have businesses and other options, where employees that have highest socioeconomic standing and better training enjoys claimed finest worry about-rated health (8). In some Slovenian organizations it had been in addition to discovered that personnel had been mainly happy with their matchmaking with associates and you may continuity away from a career (29,30).

The organization between time of unwell leave and you can notice-rated fitness is high, meaning that individuals who rated their health best had a lot fewer months regarding unwell hop out, that has been asked. Younger and less well-knowledgeable people invested more hours towards the sick log off, nevertheless the correlations was indeed poor. Respondents which rated their bodies down got so much more times of unwell get off and utilized the stay away from/protection dealing approach with greater regularity. Age and you can degree have been essential some of the dealing measures (distancing, escape/cures, and organized troubleshooting). Young much less well-educated participants was basically prone to dysfunctional coping. Decades are regarding the pleasure that have financial situation and you can reference to companion, whereas training peak was relevant just with satisfaction that have complete existence condition. The newest translation might possibly be that over recent years individuals be more happy with its lives generally speaking (or perhaps more reasonable), and its operating lives. Pond and you may Geyer (31) told me which because of the undeniable fact that adult some one often perceive you to he has less job opportunities and you can options and that reconcile which have the things they’re doing disease. Within data, older respondents mostly got higher rating, since the are the outcome on the investigation by Selic ainsi que al (27), and was basically most useful reduced, regardless if private-peak analysis towards the wages weren’t collected. Into the Slovenia in general, large instructional top in addition to long-time off solution give higher wages and you can campaigns among personal servants. Also, this new Military offer a great amount of chance of their workers to achieve highest levels of education and you can campaign, as well as render secure efforts with permanent deals. Once the, pleasure that have overall quality of life tends to be highest while the soldiers get older. Upcoming work is always to examine it options truly.

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