How To Enjoy The Same Profit Margins From Cash Payments As You Do Non-Cash Payments

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What exactly are Cash Discount Programs, and how can they assist you?

When you use programmes like the Edge Program (which combines Cash Discount and Flat Rate Pricing), the amount you charge the customer at the register is determined by whether they pay with plastic or cash. Cash customers will simply receive a discount on their item if they pay in cash.
Payments are made more equitable for everyone thanks to programmes like Edge. Customers who do not use credit or debit cards receive a discount for paying with cash, which relieves them of the possible burden of higher pricing. Customers who pay with a credit card, on the other hand, just pay the cost of the goods. Finally, as a merchant, you are no longer forced to charge customers more just to make the same profit margin on credit card purchases as you do on cash payments.
As a merchant, you can take advantage of a variety of advantages through the Edge Program. The following are some of them.

  • One low rate for all credit card transactions; profit margins from cash and non-cash payments are the same.
  • There are no ongoing monthly or annual fees.
  • There are no long-term contracts.
  • A point-of-sale system and payment platform software to make the checkout procedure as simple as possible for customers.
  • There will be no perplexing consumer receipts.

Edge will even provide you with all of the signage you’ll need to start promoting the programme to your clients.

Let’s talk about legality for a moment.

In all 50 states, cash discount programmes are authorised. The card associations, on the other hand, have established precise standards for how this type of scheme should be implemented.

  • At the entrance to your shop and at the checkout area, you must post clear, accurate signage.
  • Your customer receipt must clearly state the transaction’s base amount, the cash discount, and the total transaction cost; and all items must clearly indicate two prices, a cash price and a non-cash price.

Your payment processing software should handle the intricacies, changing the customer’s payment in real time and printing a receipt that clearly outlines your price structure.
Did you start your company to make money to compensate for all of your hard work? You can provide cheaper rates to your clients while potentially making the same profit on card payments as you do on cash purchases thanks to innovations like Omnipayusa’s Edge Program.

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