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How OmniPayUSA Works

Working with us is easy. You can rest assured that your time with us will be hassle-free and as easy as can be thanks to the full support of our team and the exceptional quality of our services. Here’s what you can expect when you work with OmniPayUSA.

1. Give Us A Call

1. Give Us A Call

Before we get started, our team needs to know a little bit more about what your business does and what it needs. What do you do? What sets you apart? This is also your moment to ask us any questions you might have about our services, pricing, or benefits.

2. Fill Out an Online Application

2. Fill Out an Online Application

Now that you know what we can do for your business, you can complete our simple online application by updating your personal information. You’ll receive an update on your submission status within 48 hours.

3. Get Your Application Approved

3. Get Your Application Approved

Once your application has passed the underwriting approval process, we’ll send you your merchant account credentials so you can keep track of every transaction, campaign, tool, and report from here on out.

4. Set Up Your Merchant Account

4. Set Up Your Merchant Account

Follow the on-screen prompts to create your merchant account. We’ll handle everything from syncing your mobile card readers and managing your website payments, to installing Wi-Fi and Ethernet and storefront terminals.

5. Get Started

5. Get Started

We’ll provide you and any team members you might have with the training you need to efficiently manage your merchant account and business. You can choose to have this training conducted online or in-person.

6. Stay Satisfied

6. Stay Satisfied

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when our job is done. We stay in contact with you to make sure that our payments stay secure, fast, and as convenient as can be.

Payment Processing Made Easy

Are You A Freelancer, Small Business Owner Or Dedicated Entrepreneur?

…Then you need a fast and simple way to secure new online customers by providing them with different payment methods. OmniPayUSA helps you reach your business goals by giving you access to a range of payment methods you can use to streamline your customer experience. Give your customers the freedom to choose how they pay, and keep them coming back every time.

  • Free training, menu updates, and website integration
  • Free contact-less terminals
  • Transparent and dynamic pricing
  • No commitments or obligations
  • Clover, Payanywhere, NCR, MICROS, and Dejavoo POS Systems
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Business Bank Accounts

Bank Checking Accounts Made Simple

Without the right tools to manage your bank checking account, you could be wasting valuable time, money, and effort. We’ll help you manage your banking checking account from one easy-tonavigate platform. This way, you can stay in control of your finances, your business, and your growth.

  • Pay vendors and bills with ease
  • Zero monthly fees
  • Dedicated live support
  • Zero monthly, NSF, or incoming wire fees
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Payroll and Benefits Solutions

Do You Want An Easy Way To Manage Your Payroll and Benefits?

We’ll provide your empire with the financial tools you need to succeed. We’ll help you manage and streamline everything from your payroll to your human resources. More importantly, we’ll help you manage and oversee your payroll and benefits on a daily basis by helping you automate your key operations.

  • Safe and secure full data privacy complaince
  • Full-service certified HR experts deliver complete HR outsourcing services
  • Stay updated on the latest payroll and pension legislation
  • Save time on payroll administration
  • Pay your team on time, every time
  • Improve productivity with automated processes
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Online Marketing

Tools to Start Trending

We know how to make your business go viral. Work with OmniPayUSA to get the valuable insights, tools, and resources you need to capitalize on your marketing and grow your business exponentially. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Professional SEO services
  • Social media management
  • Website development
  • WordPress, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Wix, and more
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What Sets Us Apart from The Crowd?

Just like our competitors, we provide your business with high-quality payment processing services. Unlike our competitors, we genuinely care about the wellbeing of your business. Your business is as important to us as our own, which is why we approach everything we do for you with pride, integrity, and respect.

Flat Fee Rates
Frozen/Closed Account Protection
High Risk Accounts
High Volume Discounts
After Hours/Weekend Support
Low Cost Start-up
Easy To Use Equipment
No Cost Training
Below 1% Rates

Our features

We pride ourselves on our wide range of features. We make sure that every aspect of your customer experience is as streamlined, convenient, and efficient as possible.

Diverse Solutions

We offer our customers a wide range of different solutions to reach their unique business goals.
Some of these solutions include mobile payments, virtual terminals, online payments, test-to-pay,
QR payments, and contact-less payments.

Specialized Skills and Experience

As members of the Chamber of Commerce, our dedicated team has an extensive background in
the electronic and computer engineering industry. This means that we have the skills we need to
help you resolve technical issues as soon as they arise

Constant Communication

We make sure that we’re always connected. We provide our clients with a toll-free number that
they can contact us on at any time, because we’re available even when we’re out of the office.
We’ll also handle any and all customer calls to the processor. You can call, Zoom, or text the team
whenever you need us.

Dedicated Account Managers

Every merchant account opened with OmniPayUSA has a dedicated account manager who works
hard to ensure our clients are satisfied and informed at all times. These account managers are also
tasked with providing you with a payment processing plan that can reduce your fees to almost 0%.


Easy Payments. Easy Business.

As a dedicated merchant service provider, we know how important it is to make sure that you get the fastest and most affordable service possible.

Our team will give you their complete support to make your customer experience practical and effective.

We’ll integrate your website payments, install and and upgrade any equipment you might need, integrate your software, provide you with engaging training sessions, and so much more.

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We Care What You Think…

…That’s why we give every client, customer, and staff member the chance to give us their valued feedback on our unique services and how we can improve them in the future.









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Our Trusted Partners

We’ve proudly partnered with several amazing brands and companies. Take a look at some of the names we’ve had the pleasure of working with recently.

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A Dedicated Account Manager Right in Your Pocket

You can access your merchant account and all of our incredible services from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Our user-friendly apps are specifically designed to give you a hassle-free way to monitor your business, your payments, and your accounts from your mobile device.

This means you stay connected, we stay informed, and your customers stay happy with your amazing products and services.

What’s the News?

Check out our amazing blog posts below to find out more about interesting topics, exciting events, and important updates from our dedicated team.

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