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Diverse Solutions

We offer our customers a wide range of different solutions to reach their unique business goals.
Some of these solutions include mobile payments, virtual terminals, online payments, test-to-pay,
QR payments, and contact-less payments.

Specialized Skills and Experience

As members of the Chamber of Commerce, our dedicated team has an extensive background in
the electronic and computer engineering industry. This means that we have the skills we need to
help you resolve technical issues as soon as they arise

Constant Communication

We make sure that we’re always connected. We provide our clients with a toll-free number that
they can contact us on at any time, because we’re available even when we’re out of the office.
We’ll also handle any and all customer calls to the processor. You can call, Zoom, or text the team
whenever you need us.

Dedicated Account Managers

Every merchant account opened with OmniPayUSA has a dedicated account manager who works
hard to ensure our clients are satisfied and informed at all times. These account managers are also
tasked with providing you with a payment processing plan that can reduce your fees to almost 0%.

Drag and drop functionality

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Deadline reminders

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Dynamic Pricing

You can pay your own way! Choose from our Flat Rate, Custom or Cash Discount payment
options today and start changing the way you do business.

Safe and Secure Services

Our team will keep every payment as safe as possible thanks to our use of point-to-point
encryption, tokenization, and fraud protection technology.

Flexible Funding Options

Our dynamic and transparent funding options are tailored to suit your unique needs. Because
they’re made just for you, you can choose between our next day or same day funding options.

White Glove Services

Thanks to our dedicated team, you won’t have to be placed on hold ever again. We’ll give you our
complete dedication, exceptional customer service, and expert tech support – every single day of
the year.